Monday, December 30, 2013

OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 Liquid Sand

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a good holiday. Mine was surprisingly devoid of new polish. I thought that would be everyone's go-to Christmas gift for me but instead I think my family and boyfriend are staging an intervention! That's perfectly fine, though (the not receiving polishes part, NOT the intervention part! I won't admit that I have a problem!). I adore the gifts that I got and you won't see me complaining. That being said, I want to show you the three polishes that I did get for Christmas - three OPI Liquid Sand minis from the Mariah Carey 2013 Holiday collection, given to me by my lovely grandmother.

First up is Make Him Mine, a rosy metallic textured polish with silver glitters. This polish is so sparkly and shiny, I instantly fell in love with it! The formula was great on all of these. I used two coats for the photo below.

Next up is Baby Please Come Home, a silvery metallic purple textured polish with silver glitter. This one disappointed me a little because it came out much more silver than purple on the nail. The purple color was more prominent in the bottle. I was impressed with this polish, though, because this picture was taken this morning after three days of wear, with one of those days including a 12 hour shift at the hospital and look! Only minimal tip wear! I like that in a polish. Formula was good,  I used two coats for the photo below.

Lastly, have Silent Stars Go By, a champagne pink textured polish with silver glitter. I don't know about you, but I think this one is perfect for New Years Eve! Formula was good. I used two coats for the photo below.

I am really impressed with these OPI Liquid Sand polishes! I love how sparkly they are. I think I may have to buy the full size of Make Him Mine and maybe even a few more from this collection. Which ones do you like?

Thanks for stopping by!

Maggie xx

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