Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cult Cosmetics Nail Polish and Makeup Review

Hey everyone! Spring is in the air! Thank goodness - it's about darn time. I have a something a little different for you all today. I was sent the Cult Cosmetics Blackbox, which included two nail polishes and a makeup palette. Lets get started!

First up is PCH, a beautiful dark teal polish with a metallic finish. The formula was perfect. At first, I was worried about brushstrokes, but after the second coat dried they were almost nonexistent. Shown below is two coats, no top coat.

The second polish is Avalon, a bright peach creme. The formula on this one was what you would expect for a creme polish of this color - it was streaky on the first coat but it evened out on the second. I was able to get away with two coats, but I could see it taking up to three to achieve full opacity. This polish dried to almost a waxy finish so make sure you use a good top coat if you want it to shine. Shown is two coats without top coat.

Okay, now this is where I, as a fairly new beauty blogger, step into the unknown! I love wearing makeup and trying new looks for my eyes and such, but I've never blogged about it, so bear with me please!

The Cult Cosmetics Blackbox came with the BH Cosmetics Malibu Eyeshadow and Blush palette. This palette comes with 16 eyeshadows and 4 blushes, all of which I swatched on my freakishly pale forearm that has the potential to sear your eyeballs. You've been warned.

Warm Tones

Cool Tones
Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the quality of this palette. Most of the eyeshadows had great opacity, especially when used with a primer. Some, however, needed a little extra product to acquire the desired opacity. The blushes/bronzer/highlight were all very pretty and actually showed up a bit better than my pictures show. I absolutely love all of the colors in this palette and I'm happy with the mix of both matte and shimmery eyeshadows and blushes. The beachy tones will be perfect for spring and summer. I'm excited to try more looks, but for now, here's what I came up with:

You can sign up to receive your first Cult Cosmetics Blackbox by clicking here! Or if you would like to buy the polishes separately, go to I hope you enjoyed this post, even though it was a little different for me. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more posts like this!

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xoxo Maggie

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