Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Essie Summer 2013 Collection

Hey everyone! Today I have the Essie Summer 2013 collection for you. I love this collection! It's my favorite summer collection so far. These colors are all so bright and fun! There are five shimmers and one creme. When I first got this collection, the formulas were really bubbly for me after they dried. I don't know why this happened because the formulas weren't very thick and I always wait for each coat to try before adding the next to prevent bubbles. So much for that. Anyway, I ended up adding one or two drops of thinner to each bottle. Even though this made the formulas pretty thin (obviously! haha) and requiring more coats, it made the bubbles go away! Lets get started :)

First up is Full Steam Ahead, a lovely lilac shade with pink undertones. The shimmer is almost nonexistant unless the light hits it just right. It's still a very pretty polish, but I feel like we've seen a lot of this shade so far this year. It doesn't seem to stop me from buying them, though! The formula was good, I had no issues with application. I used three coats for the picture below.

Next is Rock The Boat, a light blue shade with periwinkle undertones. Yet again, the shimmer is very subtle in this, but it adds a nice dimension to the polish. I don't know why but this color made my camera photograph my skin yellow! I wish I was that tan ;) The formula was good - the first coat was a bit streaky but it evened out just fine (keep in mind I thinned these polishes before these swatches!). I used three coats for the picture below.

Next we have Naughty Nautical, a bright teal polish. Again, the shimmer is hard to detect unless it's in the right lighting. It's still a gorgeous color, though. This Naughty Nautical is probably the most opaque polish in the collection. Formula was fine, I had no application issues. I used two coats for the photo below.

Next we have The More The Merrier, a bright chartreuse shade and the only creme in this collection. I think I only have one other polish that is remotely like this in my stash, which is hard to believe. This formula was the trickiest of this collection, very streaky on the first and second coats. A third coat finally evened it out.

Sunday Funday is a bright coral shimmer. The shimmer in this more prominent than the first three shimmers in this post, but still kind of hidden. The formula on this was good, three coats for the photo below.

I saved the best for last - The Girls Are Out. This is a gorgeous purple with red undertones and easily the polish with the most prominent shimmer. This is my favorite of the collection - great formula and the shade was pretty flattering on my skin tone. I used two to three coats in the photo below (two on my pinkie and index fingers, three on my middle and ring fingers).

I love this collection! I can definitely see myself using these polishes for some nail art in the future. You can pick this collection up at your local drugstore, Target and Walmart or on Essie's website for $8 a bottle.

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