Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Zoya Summer 2013 Pixie Dust Collection

Hey everyone! Today I have swatches of Zoya's Summer 2013 Pixie Dust collection. The Pixie Dust polishes are textured polishes with a gorgeous sparkle to each of them. When I first heard about textured polishes, I wasn't really that keen on the idea of them, but I decided to try some out anyway. And let me tell you, I am so thrilled I picked out this collection to try! The sparkle in these is absolutely brilliant and the texture is really pretty cool.

The formula for these polishes were all the same so I'll just talk about them here. They were a little thick due to the texture, but they were all very easy to work with. For each of these swatches I used two coats for full opacity. These polishes dry completely within 45 minutes, but it's important to note that I used no base coat and I let the first coat dry completely before adding the second. Over all, I am extremely happy with the formula on these polishes.

First up is Solange, a gold textured polish with a golden sparkle:

Next is Beatrix, an orange textured polish with a orangey-gold sparkle:

Next is Destiny, my personal favorite, which is a coral red textured polish leaning orange with a gorgeous gold sparkle:

Next is Miranda, a rosy pink textured polish with a silvery sparkle:

Next is Stevie, a lilac textured polish with a silver sparkle and another one of my favorites:

Finally we have Liberty, a blue textured polish with blue sparkle. Let me just say that this polish stained my cuticles and the skin around my fingers like crazy! I would very much suggest using a peel-off base coat under this polish. That being said, it's a gorgeous blue and I love it!

That's all for today's post! My favorite picks of this collection are Destiny and Stevie. You can buy this Pixie Dust collection and more at Zoya's website.

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  1. I am not crazy about sandy nail polish but I see it everywhere! pretty colors though!

    1. I didn't like it either when the first OPI Liquid Sand polishes came out, but when I saw these gorgeous, sparkly polishes I couldn't resist! They definitely aren't as gritty as some of the other textured polishes, though.