Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My First Three Zoyas

Hey everyone! Today I have something simple for you - a review of the first three Zoyas I ever owned. I bought them maybe a year an a half to two years ago, but they seem to go together and I thought I'd show you the three polishes that made me fall hard for the lovely Zoya brand.

First up is Ivanka, a simply stunning shade of emerald green. It has beautiful gold glass flecks that sparkle in the sun and shift to a lovely teal in the shade. The formula was a bit watery and tended to want to flood my cuticles, but because I was already prepared for it, swatching it wasn't difficult. Because the formula is a little thin, I used three coats to get this opacity, however I could see it looking just fine in two.


Next is Charla, a beautiful teal polish with the same gold glass flecks as Ivanka. If the ocean was a Zoya polish, this would be it. This is one of my favorite blues ever. The consistency of the formula was spot on; definitely not as watery as Ivanka and very easy to work with. I used three coats to achieve this opacity. This polish does stain, so double up on base coat.
Finally we have Alegra, a magenta polish with pink glass flecks and a gorgeous purple and blue sparkle. The formula was exactly like Charla, very easy to work with. Again, I used three coats for this swatch.

I hope you can see why these three polishes jump started my deep love for Zoya nail polishes. Every polish I've ever owned from them has been absolutely fabulous!
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xox Maggie

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